How to Create an Account in Shortez?

Click the "My Account" tab in the top right side. click the "Register a new membership" in below form, You need to fill the fields (user,email,pass etc..etc..etc) Solve the captcha and accept terms&conditions and click the "submit button". And that's how you create account. the last thing you need to do is activation your account through email address you type on registration form.

How to Sharing a Link?

Simply go to manage links > all links. copy any short link that you want to share and paste it wherever you want - for example - twitter, facebook, whatsapp, blogs, own websites, youtube, forums, etc....

How to setup Full Page Script in your Blog or Website?

our full page script allow you to redirect all your links into the Shortez form. you can earn big money if you have 1,000 views per day. copy the code and paste it to the body section of your HTML code. Easy to make money on Shortez.

How to Withdraw your money?

to withdraw your money your profile must be fully completed. what we mean in completed? (dont send fake visitors to our page, confirm your account in email) anyway you can do this anytime you want, Fill all the fields in "Withdraw Tab". the minimum to Withdraw is $5. soon we will get more services to withdraw with.

if you need withdraw to Bank,Paytm,Skrill, etc... open a ticket in Support Tab.


How Shortez Work?

a Shortez is a tool that shortens long links and produces short ones containing several characters. It’s useful mainly for marketers who take care of social media or email marketing. Shorter links are easier to share long links and make money from home.