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We always working for our publishers every-time for better serve. We ignore other Advertisement company who provide popup ads.


We Provide a good quality about our shorten links we dont put popup, you never see popup on our ads.

Anti Virus

we provide anti-virus for each link you shorten. if the system detected a virus link is automatically remove it and ban the user.


We paid every 24hours, if you didnt get your payment then you need Open a Ticket. Make sure to not broke the rules.


We have a dedicated Support team who solve any major or minor problem within minutes. 24/7 Support.

About Shortez

Shortez created on 2018, Shortez is a newly launched link shortener service, it pays to shorten urls and share urls on social media, the minimum payout is $5.

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Osher Shukrun

Osher Shukrun


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